Most of us prefer using free apps rather than paid ones simply because they’re free right? Who wants to pay when there’s an alternative free option. Well, this leads to the question how do the owners of these free mobile apps make money off their developments? Do they even make ANY money at all? The reality is that free apps have the potential to make loads of money.


If a free app happens to attract a certain target audience, there is a significant possibility that an organization will want to sponsor the app. When an organization wants to get their message across to a specific target audience that your app happens to reach, they will actually pay you to include sponsored content on your app. You will need to sign a contact with the partner, and make sure they pay you what your worth. A good sponsor will pay more than the price of an individual advertising slot to be featured in your app. Remember, since they are a sponsor they have exclusivity that other advertisers don’t have, therefore they should pay for that exclusivity.

In app Purchases:

This is a great way to make extra money from a free app. It’s a very tactical way to make money as well. You get people to download the app by making it free, and then offer additional purchases within the app. You could charge for any additional content that a user may be interested in. If you already have a popular app, it may not be that difficult to get users to pay for additional features on the app. This method will require you to use a third party payment company such as PayPal.

In app Advertising:

This remains a very effective and common way to make money from free apps. You can advertise on a free app by monetizing it, causing advertisements to appear throughout your app. You could also give users the option to remove advertisements by offering a fee to upgrade. Either way, you’ll be making a profit.