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3 Reasons Why Enterprise Mobile Apps Don’t Succeed — May 6, 2015

3 Reasons Why Enterprise Mobile Apps Don’t Succeed

Many factors play into the failure of a business’s mobile applications. There is a 50/50 chance that enterprises will succeed in mobilizing their business applications. This makes it absolutely crucial to understand what factors cause the failure or demise of mobile apps, and take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

Building an App that no one Uses

Developing an app without backup and support will lead to its failure. Without the ability to qualitatively and qualitatively gather user feedback, and measure and analyze user behaviors within your app, it will be difficult to retain a user base. One of the biggest problems enterprise apps face is retaining their user base. Many users use the app once, and then abandon it. This is where doing your research will come in handy in assessing any improvements that could potentially make your app more appealing to use.

Lacking Design and Easy Navigation

Users will quickly abandon an app if they see that your app is lacking a structured, attractive design, and easy navigation. No one wants to take a chunk out of their time trying to figure out how to use a complicated app. Many rather just abandon it altogether. You’d be surprised how much visuals and design play a significant role in the amiability of an app. Making sure to hire a development team that can master design and layout is crucial to avoid launching an unsuccessful app.

Building a Mobile app that Resembles an Enterprise Web App

There are significant differences between mobile apps and enterprise web apps. Web apps work by logging in and navigating through several pages until you find your desired task. Mobile apps on the other hand are built with specific tasks already laid out. This enables you to complete a task fairly quickly on a mobile app, and with little navigation. Building a mobile app in the style of of a web app is bound to fail. People have a certain mindset when it comes to mobile apps. They should be simple, personalized, and contextual. Know the difference between the two to avoid failure.

Perks of Mobilizing your Business — April 13, 2015

Perks of Mobilizing your Business

So what exactly does “mobilizing” your business mean? Well, it’s basically amplifying the use of mobile devices to create a unique brand experience. Creating custom digital content on company iPads and iPhones not only builds brand awareness, but provides employees with a unique experience that is exclusive to your brand. There are 4 main elements that contribute to mobilizing your business to success:

App Development: 

Custom apps are a necessity for many businesses

Digital Content:

Branded content will aid in enhancing the users experience on your company’s devices.


Customizing your devices to deliver a high-impact brand experience is essential to transform and mobilize your device.


Consider getting a stealth armor to protect your devices. You also want to have a custom designed cover to showcase your brand.

3 Steps to Choosing the Best App Development Company — April 8, 2015

3 Steps to Choosing the Best App Development Company

Apps are a necessity for many businesses, making a reliable app development company a crucial part of success. There are many perks that come with hiring a dedicated and talented team of app developers to take your business to the next level. Custom apps have great potential to aid business development, as well as elevate the overall efficiency of a business. As a person who works around app developers, I can tell you how much hard work and dedication goes into developing the perfect app. It takes the right developers to take your vision and turn it into a reality. Here’s what you should look for in an app development team.

1. Check the Company’s Client References.

Look for a development company that is willing to share their past client contact info so you can get direct feedback on their company.

2. Look for a Company you can Build a Long Term Relationship With.

Apps are continuously going through changes and evolving in accordance to user feedback.You want to choose a company that will be there for the long term to perform any updates or fix any bugs, rather than a company that will just develop the app and abandon it.

3. Hire App Developers that Value App Design as a Top Priority.

The design of the app is the defining factor in usability and interaction. You want your app to be a pleasant experience for the user, and easy to navigate. Hiring a company that has a design specialist will ensure this aspect of the app is taken care of.

These three factors will get you and your business on the path to a successful application.

3 Steps to Implementing an Awesome App Idea — April 6, 2015

3 Steps to Implementing an Awesome App Idea

There are countless people with innovative app ideas that don’t know where to begin in terms of implementation. Nothings worse than lost potential, especially considering all the potential benefits linked with new app development. Your app idea could have several significant implementations in peoples lives, not to mention the financial gain associated with owning an app. If your someone who has a burning desire to make your unique app idea into a reality, these are 3 steps that will get you going.

Step #1: Have your unique and innovative app idea mapped out. 

In other words, know exactly what you want your app to do. Having a detailed purpose for your app will make it easier to implement when you reach the development phase. People are always looking for the next best app. If you have an idea that is unique and hasn’t been implemented before, there’s a good chance your app will be successful. Innovation is key. An idea that has the potential to make an impact in others lives is worth pursuing.

Step #2: Decide what devices you want your app to be available on. 

This is a significant step in implementing an app idea. App development has different requirements and guidelines depending on the device the app is built for. Deciding whether you want to build an app for iOS devices, Windows, or Android will be a crucial factor in the marketing of your app once it is created. Doing some research on the target audiences who would possibly be interested in your app will aid you in discovering which devices your target audiences use the most. This will make the process of choosing devices for your app much more practical and beneficial.

Step #3: Hire a talented and dedicated app development team.

It’s best to hire professionals to develop your app for you. There are certain standards and guidelines for app development that are best handled by professional coders and developers. Many times the development aspect of implementing an app is where people get stuck, however it shouldn’t be an issue. There are extremely talented companies who are dedicated to creating customized apps that suite match your vision. They will be able to take your vision and turn it into the reality you imaged it to be. If your worried about the financial aspect of hiring app developers, don’t be. Your return on invest will be higher when you release a professional app that is precisely developed, because more people will gravitate towards it.

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